Why Performing Arts Is Important For Nurturing Creativity In Children?

Did you know? Performing arts nurture your child’s creative abilities and emotional intelligence. Knowing this, how do we incorporate arts in everyday life to develop our child's latent skills? This is what this blog is set to address.


Raising Kids As Problem-Solvers To Ensure Life-long Learning

Little ones need 21st-century skills to make healthy choices, which direct them towards a bright future. Also, to build new concepts and skills using existing knowledge—crucial for their survival. Here's how to raise them as problem-solvers and life-long learners.

Building The Foundation For Future Thought Leaders With Differentiated Learning

Some kids like working in groups whereas others learn individually. Some impulsively explore new phenomenon while others go by standards. No two children can develop a similar skill set in the same learning space, which is why it's important to differentiate instructions to fulfill their unique learning needs! Here's how differentiated instructions create thought leaders.

Importance Of Sports In School: A Structured Approach To Character Building

Playing any game requires time, efforts and dedicated participation. Knowing this, we’ve been misled for years that sports distract young athletes from academics. Notwithstanding this misconception, tennis legend Billie Jean King, having 39 grand slam titles to her name, states: "Games teach us more about life." From an era where sports were meant for children … Continue reading Importance Of Sports In School: A Structured Approach To Character Building